Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sun Signs now showing at the Lewis Theatre!


Donna said...

Neat video - I liked the way you used a variety of typing hands to illustrate the anonymity of the internet. Very Creative!


Carlene Walter said...


I am so impressed with your participation in Meet The Stars. You have gone beyond the experimentation and play with the Web 2.0 tools to determining how these tools can be used to construct understanding for your students.

I encourage you to read about Visual Literacy ( as your blog is an outstanding example of the correlation between visual and information literacy.

Chris Arnstead said...

Hi Carlene,
I have checked out some of the resources your link guided me to about Visual Literacy. It is an area that interests me. You perhaps know the person (name escapes me!) who gave a session at the SACE conference a few years ago.

I find some people are just so intuitive and natural when it comes to web design, advertising, presentations, etc. and others just don't seem to grasp the effect their visual presentation (or lack of!) effects the viewer or listener. I have seen so many PowerPoint presentations where the message was completely lost in the effects and pictures.

There are many places in our high school curriculum where instruction on visual literacy could be integrated. Hmm... I wonder if it is happening?

I think there is a very strong argument for fine art instruction at all levels for all students. Our lives are so connected to and with media that I think visual literacy is key to many activities and jobs.