Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Floor plan for Kaleigh's bedroom in Sun Signs

So... this was more fun. There are more options and control on Gliffy. I watched the video first before proceeding and then had few problems operating.


Jane Glen said...

I'll have to explore Gliffy some more- this is another great alternative. I haven't used Kidspiration but have heard it's good- nice to see your work.

bookmarks said...

Somehow I missed the video. I'll have to look for it because using Gliffy took a lot of time for me. This looks great! Thanks for your tip!

Chris Arnstead said...

The video for Gliffy is linked immediately below the example diagram on the home page of Gliffy. It's a Youtube video: this direct link may work for you.


One thing I have learned from this class is how to access the help sections and teaching videos for all these new tools Donna and Carlene are showing us. I find I am not very intuitive and rather than waste too much time clicking around, I just hit HELP!

good luck,