Thursday, October 11, 2007

Articles on the advantages of blogging

SLJ chats with Diane Penrod about Using Blogs to Enhance Literacy

In this short article Diane Penrod challenges teacher librarians to use their tech knowledge to help bring blogging to K to 12 school students. She explains many advantages to students in using this Web 2.o tool.


DesRoches Family News said...


Thanks for the link to this article. I have put the author's book on my wishlist.

I really liked what she had to say about the differences between the reasons why boys and girls like to blog.

"Boys really respond to blogging. It's a writing [format] that they become excited about because it's hands-on, and they can see something that has a definite "beyond school" value. Girls tend to like blogging when it's more journal-based.'

Following blogs is one of the best ways to find great resources. Thanks for your contribution.


Chris Arnstead said...

That line jumped out at me too Donna. It meshed with my experience with a grade seven class. The boys were much more eager to participate in the online discussion than the girls were. The girls wanted to answer a concrete assignment but not discuss or interact online. I particulary found that many of the boys who did not participate at all in classroom discussions were engaged in the online discussion.