Saturday, September 22, 2007

Logistics of a blog or wiki for class use

Now that I have a goal in mind my brain is whirling around some of the practical, logistical aspects of setting up online chatting for a class. I plan to collaborate with a grade nine teacher, have each student in that class read a Snow Willow nominee, and respond to the book through guided questions on either a blog or a wiki. Once again, I am appealing to your collective wisdom to learn how best to set this up for easy teacher and student use.

If I make a wiki, there could be a section for each book and a page for each question. Students would edit the page and add their response. Everyone's response would be threaded along in order on the same page. They would each be able to read all other responses. They would have to sign their posting in order for me to know whose comment was whose to grade them. They would each have to join the wiki. I would have to visit several pages looking for a student's postings in order to grade his/her work. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this format for the type interaction I am hoping for?

If I made a blog, students could comment on my blog. They would have to get an account first. Or they could each make their own blog. If they make their own blog, they don't see other people's responses unless they visit other blogs. It would be easier grading for me if they had their own blog but not great for other students visiting to read about the Willows or to link to my library website. Would I need a blog for each book? If I had just my own blog, how could I set up the 10 books and individual questions in a practical way?

As you can see, I am struggling with how to organize this type of assignment for students and have more questions than answers!



Donna said...


You could create a wiki page for each question have resources, images, etc on the page and then the students would use the discussion tab to respond to the questions and to each other.

Have a look at how the teacher does it on this blog.


Chris Arnstead said...

Thank you for this link Donna. It is very helpful to see how someone else set their wiki up and made it functional.