Sunday, September 16, 2007

Inital foray

After browsing many of the hyperlinked sites in the course materials last night, setting up a blog this morning, emailing Carlene for confirmation of the assignment today and reading Hrdlitschka's book this afternoon, I still don't feel ready to make my first post! Where is my confidence? I guess I just need to do it! I can't visualize an end product in my mind, but this is about process, right?

I would like to interest one of the grade nine English teachers at my school in collaborating with me on a Snow Willow project. I would like students to read the nominees and comment on them on a blog. I read Sun Signs today and jotted down some stimuli to get the students started.

Do you realize that Shelley's name starts with four consonants in a row, only has two vowels and in the middle has five consonants in a row!?


Donna said...

Hi Chris... welcome to Meet the Stars and congratulations for setting up and posting to your blog!

Jane Glen said...

Loved your idea about having students read Snow nominations and leaving a comment on the blog. I made the same proposal to my teachers last week via e-mail and have not yet had a response. So let us know if it flies!
Great ideas for Sun Signs as well.